Friday, February 5, 2010

SnOMG and other aliases for this weekend

Ok. So as a native of upstate New York, I'm not that phased by this impending storm of doom. I'm excited about it. Not only because I am now home for the day and can catch up on sleep/cleaning (aren't I exciting?) but because I haven't seen a big snowstorm in forever. And I don't even have to clean off a car this time!

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This storm-to-be has got quite a few amusing names, so I thought I'd compile the list I've heard so far. Please feel free to add yours!

1. Snowmageddon

2. Snowpocalypse (which I will amend to Snowpocalypse Jr, since this was the name of the last one)

3. SnOMG

4. Snowzilla

5. Snowmergency

6. Snowtastrophe (eh, this one's annoying)

7. Snowlysh*t

and my favorite so far....(courtesy of miss Aggie):

Snowf*cking way!

And now, some warm lunch and Wes Anderson in bed. =)

Also go here for my favorite photo of the day (it's not at all snow-related).


  1. Snowfuckingway is hilarious.

    I tried out snowolocaust on FB and got shot down, so I switched over to snomg and keyser-snowze.

  2. I was sad that my Winter Wondergeddon never took off. Too bulky, I guess. :)

  3. The Year of snOvechkin

    Snowtorious B.I.G.

  4. District of Snowlumbia WINS! Can't believe no one's thought of that yet. All good ones though =)

  5. My personal choice is Blitzsnow. For my reasoning, check my blog.